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Product review: MaxxECU PRO

    Forget workarounds. Tuning masterminds working with pro racers want the most advanced and programmable engine control system, and this is it. The MaxxECU

Watch Repco Muscle Garage Season 7!

    Repco Muscle Garage is back covering the local V8 scene, with an inside look at some of the country’s coolest cars, events, sheds,

Takapuna Rocks is back!

The suburb of Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore has a lot to offer by way of beachfront living, good eateries and bars, and an all-year summery vibe — even if it happens to drizzle from time to time.

Hot August Nights: see the USA hot rod style with Scottz Tours

For anyone with an affection for Amercian muscle and a love for all things hot rod, getting over and seeing the land where it all started will have always been on that to-do list, but actually making it happen can easily be pushed to the side and forgotten.

Bumper cars: Waikaraka Family Speedway Demolition Derby Grand Final

Hell bent on destroying eachother, the driver’s in the Waikaraka Family Speedway Demolition Derby will have you splitting your sides with laughter until there’s just one car left capable of moving. For the first time, you’ll see derby car teams smash it out with two teams of five cars each go head to head.