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Oil Intel takes over Elf Lubricants

6 July 2020



In a 50/50 joint venture between Oil Intel and Total, Oil Intel has taken over the Elf Lubricants in New Zealand. The move means existing Elf customers will receive full support from Oil Intel, including its technical expertise, 24/7 support, and best-suited oil recommendations. 

The company has been Total’s main distributor for 20 years and cemented that relationship in June, joining in a 50/50 joint venture with the French oil and energy major. 

“Embracing Elf is more than a natural extension of this new partnership, it also complements our range,” says Reuben Thickpenny, managing director of Oil Intel. 

Total lubricants serve New Zealand’s high-spec, heavy-duty industries such as mining, transport, and agriculture. Reuben says Elf complements that with an “outstanding range suited for the automotive and retail customers looking for high-quality oil”.

“Being backed by the fourth largest oil and gas company in the world has many benefits,” he says. “It enables us to lift that customer experience in product as well as in support. Now, with Elf as part of the Oil Intel family, we can elevate this brand the way we have been elevating Total lubricants. Elf fits into that quality picture.”

Oil Intel is the affiliated importer and distributor of Total lubricants, and now Elf, for the New Zealand market. The business was founded in 1999, now boasts 65 employees in 10 branches, with its head office in Hastings, and serves 12 industry segments with more than 50 product categories.

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