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Product review: Projecta COMPAC Series 15W folding solar panel

5 October 2020



One of the biggest first-world problems we’re facing today is the battery life on our devices, be it your cell, over-complicated watch, Go Pro, or even drone. Although this problem can often be solved with a trip to the wall socket, if there isn’t a socket at arms reach, what solution do we have? 

Projecta COMPAC Series PP15 (15W) Solar Panels fold away to only 270x160x20mm and weigh only 505 grams, making it ideal for those that like to go wide, be it hunting, fishing, or even camping. First impressions when unboxing the panel is how rugged the outer casing feels. It’s something we would not stress about having it floating around in the top of the tool box. The outer casing also includes decent hooks and a pair of carabiners to make hanging while charging easy. 

The panel unfolds to 630x270x10mm to reveal three premium 15W monocrystalline panels, which are more efficient than polycrystalline alternatives, and will fully charge the in-built lithium-ion battery in 6–8 hours of sunlight. This charge then outputs via two 3A USB ports or singular USB-C, which reduces charging times by a reported 30 per cent. The unit holds enough juice to completely charge your GoPro three times, or your phone between one to two complete charges (model dependant). There is also a USB input, so you can charge it before leaving home. 

The unit features an LED level indicator, so you know how much juice is left, as well as an indicator on the sunlight level. For a piece of mind it also features surge and short circuit protection. 

These are available nationwide from leading automotive retailers.