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Orange crush: 1967 Chev Chevelle

“What do you do when you’re tired of your show-winning Camaro? Build an even cooler Chevelle, of course!” In the early years of the car,

Loose unit: 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28

The original plan was never to build a nine-second streeter, but sometimes, you can’t argue with fate” Unless you’ve been living under a rock for

Carbon Credits – 1956 Holden FJ Ute

Take one FJ Holden, mix with a good serving of VS Commodore and add a sprinkle of carbon, leave to bake for a decade and you’ll get a creation unlike any other!

Southern warfare: 1971 Holden Monaro

“This low-nine-second, street-driven Monaro proves there’s a lot more to the deep South than just tourist attractions!” While some say hindsight is a wonderful thing,

Uncaged – 1969 HB Viva

This HB Viva was a well known street machine in the 1980s, and now it’s back ready to get up to its old antics once again

Nostalgia Drags 2024

The Nostalgia Drags are as good as a holiday, so planning the annual pilgrimage to Napa Dragway for the Bay Rodders event gets locked in early and is always something to look forward to for lovers of old cars


AutoFest rebirth

AutoFest is fast growing into the country’s biggest two-day car event for hot rods, classics, V8s, and street machines. All it really needed was a track — and now it’s got one!


Fastest woman on wheels passes away

    View fullsize Race car driver and TV personality Jessi Combs died after a fatal crash chasing a land speed record in North American