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Dust trap: Burger King Pro Dirt Super Saloon Series round eight

15 February 2019



Held the night after the previous round, round eight of the Burger King Pro Dirt Super Saloon Series was held 26 January at Baypark Family Speedway in Mount Maunganui. With another $3000 ready to be claimed by the winning driver, everyone was pushing the limits for teh second night of racing — not much sleep for the crew that had to fix damaged cars, and there was a few after Gisborne.

Heat one

After repairing the car from the night before, it was another win for Mark Osborne (16R). Sam Waddell (18M) claimed second and Craig Cardwell took third.

Heat two

Donald Gregory (21W) took out the win, while Campbell McManaway (492T) nabbed second and Terry Corrin (41M) came home in third.

Heat three

The win was claimed by Steve Flynn (5B), while Dan Corrin (124M) took second, and Chris Cowling (2NZ) in third.

B main

Cancelled due to time restrictions on the meeting.

A main

With 30 laps to go, the only main of the night promised to be a good one with plenty of dust, and there sure was. Somebody ran up the rear of Grant Flynn (6B) taking out his left rear wheel and sending him flying infield — luckily there was nothing around for him to hit and the wheel ended up down the straight. There were a few more little tangle ups, but that didn’t stop eventual winner Mark Osborne (16R) from continuing his winning roll, with Sam Waddell (18M) close behind in second again, and Steve Flynn (5B) in third.

Mark Osborne has got to be happy with main wins two nights in a row. The car is looking super fast at the moment and he may have finally got that monkey off his back.

Last years 1NZ Terry Corring (41M) lead the field for several laps before spinning out on turn two, creating a massive dust plume over the rest of the field.

Campbell McManaway (492T) showed he has what it takes to be in the lead by giving Mark Osborne a bit of a hurry up, although Mark would recover to keep his lead.

Hard at work on Dan Corrin’s 124M car. Last time he was here, he cooked an engine and while a new one has been installed it there were a few small issues with the car on the night.

Grant Flynn (6B) leads brother, Steve Flynn (5B). Steve managed second in the feature, keeping himself high in the points while borther Grant was less fortunate, leaving the track with only three wheels.