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Jay Leno inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

23 March 2020



Located in Dearborn, Michigan — next door to The Henry Ford Museum — the Automotive Hall of Fame is, as the name suggests, a dedication to the most famous and important names in the automotive industry. The reason we’re talking about it here is that the 2020 inductee class has just been announced and at the top of the list is former late-night television host, entertainer, and car collector Jay Leno.

Leno is being honoured for his “automotive heritage leadership” as evidenced by the Jay Leno’s Garage television show.

“Leno has dedicated a lifetime to sharing the stories of all things automotive from classic cars, to supercars and everything in-between,” the Hall of Fame said in a statement. “He has showcased the technology, innovation, and colourful history of the automobile, inspiring viewers to enjoy automobiles, from the most prosaic to the most exotic.”