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Enthusiast essentials: HELLA LED Light Bars

6 August 2019



Whether you frequent the open road or simply want to make sure your entire street is lit up like it’s midday, HELLA’s award-winning LED Light Bars provide additional light when high beams are just not enough. There are three different beam patterns to choose from — Close Range, Long Range, and Combi — and the lights boast a maximum luminous intensity of 2800 lumens.

These streamlined Light Bars are ideal where aerodynamics matter; they weigh next to nothing, with a 950g overall weight. They are fully road legal, with ECE approval, and their sleek, low-profile housing is designed and manufactured using ultra-durable materials to ensure long life. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Light Bars are covered by an extensive five-year warranty.

You can find your local HELLA distributor at