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Enthusiast essentials: Boss Audio 508UAB single-din

28 March 2019



Forget whatever generic aftermarket head unit came with your car when you bought it from Jimmy a few years back — you need to update that sucker with a unit that isn’t going to break the bank. The Boss Audio 508UAB single-din head unit has everything you need and nothing you don’t — CD/MP3 playback, bluetooth capability, FM/AM radio, USB input, and of course, AUX! It also offers tuning ability with balance/fader/bass/treble and preset built-in EQ, along with front and rear pre-amp outputs. The best part? All this costs only $95! Yep, you get change from a $100 note along with a feature-packed head unit. Winning.

Available from Eds Autos. You can purchase the Boss Audio 508UAB single-din head unit by giving the team a call on 09 550 7256, or via email at