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Party out west: Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival 2018

31 January 2018



Throughout sheds and workshops across the North Island, the third weekend of January is marked off on grease-stained calendars as a date to be revered in the same manner as Christmas to a child. The annual Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival has been around for so long that it’s part of the furniture that makes up West Auckland. 

For the dedicated, the show started on Thursday afternoon as car club camping plots were marked out for the following two nights. For the more casual attendee, it took place over the Saturday and Sunday, and, as has always been the case, it was the Saturday that offered the most — not just in terms of the bulk quantity of drool-worthy vehicles on display, the Jack Daniel’s barbecue competition, and live performance by classic rock supergroup Rock Steady. It’s the show that’s got it all, and you can check our Kumeu gallery below, or hold on for the event report in the next issue of NZV8