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Concept corner: Coryeah

23 April 2017

This month’s cover-car owner, Aaron Jenkins, said he didn’t have a dream car, and, looking at his Torana, that’s easy enough to understand. So, for this month’s concept, we handed the reins over to staff photographer Adam Croy. Here’s his sick and twisted vision: 

“I weirdly love Chev Corvairs, but I also love the crazy Pikes Peak International Hill Climb specials that you see on YouTube, and so on, so surely there’s a way to piece the two together, right?

“I think the best thing to do would be start with a 1969 Corvair, and add the bodykit used by Frank Gardner’s touring-car Corvair from the 1970s, with its massive wide fenders. Being a hill-climb special, it’d need the custom-built over-the-top spoilers front and rear for maximum downforce, as well as a full diffuser underneath. This would either be dropped over an existing Formula 5000 [F5000] chassis or a similar style of chassis would be constructed to suit, with some serious work going into sorting out a firewall behind the driver, and likely the driving position moving forward a touch, too. The F5000 air intake would stick high above the roof, feeding air into the eight throttle bodies below.

“While the F5000s were obviously limited in engine capacity, in Unlimited Class at hill climbs, anything goes, so the engine would be a CFE Racing Products 600ci small block with a 4.5-inch bore spacing and 4.9-inch stroke crank. This should not only give plenty of power, but would also sound amazing as it wound up the hills.

“Being a F5000 chassis, the car would run centre-lock wheels — period correct, of course — although the brakes would need to be a bit more serious, going at least as large as the small-diameter wheels would allow.”

Could this be the kind of car to knock Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima off his perch as international hill-climb hero? Maybe only in our dreams! 


Your thoughts on last month’s ‘flying brick’ concept:

Jake Alderson: Looks like it’s more suited to demo derby than NASCAR!

Craig Gray: Be better if it was a Valiant drifter

Jaden Martin: I’m really into weird shit being made cool, and this is way cooler than stock. They should make a class for people to race weird things like this that should never have been made — kinda like grass roots NASCAR

Although this month’s car is only a quick concept, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it. So, have your say about whether it’s hot, not, impossible, or ridiculous by commenting on our Facebook page