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The 7th wonder: Mad Mike’s ‘MADBUL’ FD returns

7 February 2017


I went to him with the idea of doing the RX-3 front swap on the FD. His response was ‘Kakkoi’, which translates to ‘cool’ in japanese

Mad Mike’ Whiddett’s FD3S has travelled the globe, killing tyres from Asia to America, and all over Europe. The long-suffering FD chassis has been loyal to Mike. It’s taken down some of the best names in the business and banged doors with hundreds of drifters. It’s the car that Mike first learnt to drift in, and the car that propelled him onto the world stage. In return, Mike has shown the car some serious love over the years, constantly updating its look and keeping it fresh, even with newer, faster and more powerful ‘BUL’s appearing in his stable. You might think that ‘MADBUL’ would eventually be pushed into the corner and left to gather dust, but that could not be further from the truth. We introduce to you version seven of everyone’s favourite FD.

It’s a transformation that Mike’s been waiting to do for over a year now, after working directly with Kei Miura of 6666 Customs to develop the first Rocket Bunny FD RX-7 kit, followed by the Pandem aero now worn by the RX-7. Ask the man what his favourite Mazda is, and he will tell you it’s the RX-3, but as for merging that into an RX-7 — now that’s just crazy talk, isn’t it …

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