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Building the Boss: 598 Kaase–powered Galaxie build

26 November 2017



As you’ll see on the cover of NZV8 Issue No. 152, we’ve managed to get hold of a very interesting vehicle — Brian Mathews’ patina-coated ’59 Ford Galaxie, which is a whole lot more than it may seem at first glance. Sure, it’s got an air filter sticking out of the bonnet, and some larger-than-normal tyres under the bum, but that’s about all there is to see.

It’s when you begin to look a little closer that things begin to fall into place. Underneath is a full Art Morrison Enterprises chassis, and the means of forward propulsion is no less than 598 cubes of Jon Kaase Boss, backed by a beefy Toploader four-speed manual. 

We’re not giving away the story behind this build, though, so you’re going to need to grab an issue from for that, but you can check out the gallery below to see all that’s gone into building a machine this tough!