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Weekly Motor Fix: 1958 Bermuda caravan

8 June 2015

For Aaron Tucker, one can never have too much low — evidenced by his 1958 Chevy Biscayne, which bears the fitting number plate ‘WAY2LO’. This isn’t about his Chevy, however, but his awesome caravan (of all things). We first saw the Biscayne and caravan combo at Repco Beach Hop 15, possessing so much of the character that so many people try, and fail, to instil in their builds. 

The caravan is a 1958 Bermuda, which he stumbled upon whilst searching for parts for the Chevy. As soon as he saw it, he knew that he had to have it. The first thing on the to-do list was a reskin with all-new sheet steel. Without a roller at his disposal, Aaron simply curved the steel panels by standing on them — Kiwi ingenuity always wins. 

The steel was also given a new coat by Mother Nature — the rusted look is seriously cool, and saved Aaron the time and hassle of prepping and painting the thing. The importance of the time and hassle factor will become apparent soon. Other little details, like the Mazda RX-2 tail lights, give it a properly cool, and different, look. The finish is only one piece of the aesthetic puzzle — as we mentioned earlier, the caravan would also need an abundance of low. 

Slam Specialties airbags work in conjunction with a brass-bushed vertical plate system, which, alongside renovated inner guards and smaller diameter tyres, allow the caravan to lay frame completely. You can never have too much low, right? 

Inside, the Bermuda is treated to the full ’50s works. Burger King–red ‘metal flake’ vinyl adorns the upholstery, with period touches everywhere else in the interior decor — check out the painted scallops on the table, designed to match those on the exterior of the Biscayne and the Bermuda. 

The best part about all of this is the way Aaron tackled the job. From a pile of not much, Aaron transformed the caravan into the awesome piece it is now in a mere 24 days. The lack of pretension, and stunning impact, made his car and caravan combo a sure standout at Beach Hop — something that is infinitely easier said than done.

If you’d like to read more about Aaron’s Biscayne and Bermuda caravan, grab a copy of our NZV8 Beach Hop Annual 2015 here.