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Get your paintwork looking on point

17 November 2015


Looking at getting paintwork done? Here are a few tips and businesses to check out

Aesthetically, the paint finish on your car is its most important feature. Sure, the saying ‘wheels make or break the car’ is definitely true, but a good paint job is what will really set your vehicle apart from the rest. When dealing with paint, the old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is really apt — get your mate to blow it over in his carport in exchange for a box of brews, and you’ll probably end up with imperfections in a less than ideal finish.

While you can still get a decent paint job done for a decent price, what a lot of people don’t realize is that most of the time — and therefore money — is spent in preparation, which is undoubtedly the most important step in ensuring a flawless finish.  Take a look at our complete paint guide, and in our opinion, the guys you should go see!