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Watch Repco Muscle Garage Season 11!

Repco Muscle Garage is back again for its 11th season, airing on Three’s CRC Motorsport every Sunday from 1pm! The show takes an in-depth look at the finest hot rod, street machines, and muscle cars ever produced here in Aotearoa.

Impulsive Behaviour

When Dan Hendy worked out he was a bit too big for riding superbikes, he turned to the next most insane motorsport he could think of.

Check Out New Zealand’s Meanest Machine

Mobil™ motor oils and Greg Murphy went looking for New Zealand’s meanest machine. There were all kinds of entrants and after public voting and judging, the winner of $10,000 cash has been chosen.

Little Fry

Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this veteran of the burnout scene has injected some serious new-school tech into his latest build.

Hot Swap

A complete guide to swapping an LS Camshaft at home in your garage – one of the easiest ways to unlock hidden horsepower.

Space Race

Bigger than big and blacker than black, it’s Jason Well’s slammed Cadillac.

Building a Legacy

When Shane Wiki decided to build one last car, he most certainly didn’t do anything by halves.

Natural Ambition

It wasn’t just a matter of right time, right place for Jason Robertson, but also right parents and right occupation!


Dave’s been down this road before, but ‘Phase Two’ of his ‘65 Impala build takes things to a whole new level of tuff.


When a legend of the New Zealand Motorsport scene teamed up with legendary American car builders, the outcome was always set to be amazing!

Terra Tail

A six-year master class in metal manipulation, this Hudson has been exhumed from its dormant life gathering dust in a barn.

Chopping It Up

Ever wondered what’s involved in a wide-body conversion? We follow the build of a Mustang GT.


When a guy with as much experience as Vince Douglas builds a car for himself, you know it’s going to be done right.

Industry Torque — Better Finance

We sat down with co-founder of Better Finance Sam Cavanagh to talk about all things vehicle financing. Better might not be the oldest firm in the game, but they are shaking things up, and as we found out, offer some unique products we didn’t know existed.

East meets West

Over 15 years in the making, this little ‘work truck’ is a little bit clever.