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Shelby brings the horsepower

15 March 2020



Following on from our in-depth interview with the guys behind Shelby New Zealand in NZV8 issue 177 a couple of months ago, the Matamata-based venture has just announced that it is bringing the monstrous Carroll Shelby Signature Series Mustang to our shores. Only 50 of these aggressive machines will be produced worldwide, and just three of those have been allocated to New Zealand. 

Pushing 615kW (825hp), the Mustang’s 5.0 is boosted by a Whipple supercharger system, and bristles with uprated equipment to support the increase in power and torque — an extreme cooling system, performance half shafts, one-piece driveshaft, short-throw shifter, and more. The newly improved induction noise is now matched by a thundering Borla exhaust system, while the road-holding prowess of the car has also been lifted to match the new grunt by way of a Shelby track handling suspension pack and big, ducted Brembo brakes hiding behind 20×11-inch forged, one-piece monoblock rims.

Keep in mind, this isn’t exactly a sleeper build from Shelby — those rims now sit under widened alloy fenders and complement a very aggressive and extensive aero package, a ram-air hood, and Shelby striping and badging. Subtle, this car is not. 

With a fully upgraded interior to match, this Mustang strikes a perfect balance between road-going comfort, face-melting performance, and great looks. 

About the Signature Series car, Vince LaViolette, Shelby American vice president of operations and chief of R&D, explains: “There are many aspects to performance, which is why we addressed every aspect of the car. We spent enormous energy to maximize speed, reliability, and consistency. These enhancements will enable the Signature Series Shelby to perform flawlessly lap after lap and mile after mile.”

Shelby New Zealand is now taking orders for the 615kW weapon. Like all new Shelby New Zealand vehicles, this car comes with a three-year/60,000km warranty, which works in conjunction with Ford NZ’s five-year warranty.