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Marineland Hot Rod and Classic Car Festival no more

11 September 2019




We’ve received word that the Marineland Street Rod and Kustom Klub has regretfully confirmed that the long-running and popular Hot Rod and Classic Car Festival, which typically takes place in May, will no longer go ahead in 2020. The club has explained that health-and-safety constraints that come into place when the public is involved, and the increasing attendance at the event, which has caused issues with traffic and congestion, mean that the show isn’t viable in its current format.

While an unfortunate loss to the event calendar, it is good news that the NZHRA rod run that takes place on the Friday night and Saturday prior is still going ahead between 1 and 3 May. Entries will be limited, so keep an eye on the Marineland Street Rod and Kustom Klub Facebook page for registration announcements.