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Kiwis On Tour: Thrillseeker in the USA

21 May 2019



Chances are that by now you’re well aware of the Route 66 tours hosted by Beach Hop frontman, Noddy Watts — after all, we ran a series of tour diaries a couple of years ago. The concept is simple: book the fully-escorted self-driving tour — which includes accommodation, vehicle hire and insurance, fully-programmed GPS unit, and USA cell phone — and simply arrive and enjoy it. Many of those who’ve attended to date haven’t stopped at just one tour; they have headed back stateside to undertake one of the other tours on offer. Noddy and Andrea have taken 21 tours and are heading into their 10th year, making them the most experienced Kiwi-based USA tour guides, with more than 700 people on board.

We brought you the news a few issues back that a fresh tour had been added to the calendar. Dubbed the Thrillseeker, it will take place over 21 days between 13 October and 3 November 2019. As with the other tours, you can expect to drive a Mustang convertible between locations, but with a ton more adrenaline-pumping activities thrown in, such as driving in a big block Chev dragster, a Nascar drive, go-karting, zip-lining, and a shooting range visit, which is also balanced out with a winery tour, Las Vegas shopping, a visit to Palm Springs, and stays at quality hotels and resorts!

If you’re looking for a more sedate vacation, you can’t go past the classic Route 66 tour, which is next happening May–June 2020, the Cars and Blues tour, in July–August 2020, or the West Coaster in August–September 2020.

Pricing is dependent on tour, so contact the team via email for further information, on, or check out Kiwis On Route 66 on Facebook.