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Smash for the Cash: Western Springs Speedway final night!

24 February 2019



Speedway is an institution in New Zealand; many of you reading these pages will know exactly what we’re talking about and no doubt will have graced the dirt tracks around the country, especially the likes of Western Springs in Auckland. However, come Saturday, 16 March, things will be a tad different to what you’re used to seeing — yes, it is still the final night for all classes and a win may well seal the Championship Series title, but it will also be the very first time in the track’s 89 year history that a demolition derby has been hosted.

This Clash for Cash Demo Derby offers the opportunity to the punters to get out on track amongst up to 45 cars and drive whatever you’ve scraped together like you stole it! You won’t have seen crashes quite like these before; a ramp has been set up on the start–finish straight and cars must drive over it, and the last one still moving (or the first to complete 10 jumps over the ramp) gets handed a fat wad of cash. What that will translate to is a packed field of blood-thirsty drivers ready to send it as hard as they can, much to the pleasure of those in the crowd.

So, while the drivers entries are long sold and sealed, don’t miss your chance to see it go down first-hand, otherwise you run the risk of your mates harping on for yonks about how solid a night it was. Adult passes will set you back $31.75, family passes and senior/student discounts available.

Visit for all the finer details and to purchase your tickets.

Western Springs Final Night: Clash for Cash Demo Derby
Saturday, 16 March, 6–10.30pm
WHERE: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland