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Flat-out monitoring: ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor system

1 March 2019



Forget a trip to the gas station every time you think your tyre pressures might be a touch low only to find out they’re sweet, or waiting until you’ve already got a flat leaving you stranded before you sort out new rubber — with a tyre pressure monitoring system you can stay ahead of the game. But while most tyre pressure monitoring systems including those that come as standard equipment only tell you when a tire is significantly down on air pressure, i.e it’s pretty much over already, the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor system addresses that issue.

The ZUS system monitors tyre pressures in real time as well as from an historical perspective to let you know if you have issues looming over your head long before you’re stuck on the side of the road with the scissor jack out. It’s a pretty important feature, really, because while you might just be inconvenienced by a flat tyre on the way to work in some cases, there’s also the chance a flat might blowout at speed and see you hurting all over the show.

The system is a simple install, too, simply seeing the replacement of the valve stem caps with ZUS sensors which beam information back to your ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant App-compatible device for real time monitoring of both tyre pressures AND temperatures.

Priced at just $179.00, you can scope out the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor for yourself at