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Rough and tumble: Burger King Pro Dirt Super Saloons round seven

15 February 2019



Held on 25 January, round seven of the Burger King Pro Dirt Super Saloons hit Eastland Group Raceway in Gisborne. The high banked Gisborne track provides a unique venue that can prove challenging at times, making passing a hard task — with an overall length of 389 metres, the corners measure in at 14 metres and while the straights are 11 metres wide.

Heat one
Won by Mark Osborne (16R), he sat on pole and was never passed! Dan Corrin (124M) came in second, while Grant Flynn (6B) secured third.

Heat two
Sam Waddell (18M) took top honours, while Thomas Korff (16K) took home second, and Scott Hayward (92M) earned himself third.

Heat three
Won by 2NZ Chris Cowling, with Steve Flynn (5B) and Josh Boulton (891C) in second and third respectively.

B main
All the way from Cromwell, Otago, Cambell McManaway’s (492T) efforts finally paid off with the win. Craig Koff (8K) took second, with Steve Cowling (1NZ) in third.

A main
Mark Osborne (16R) took out bragging rights, while 2NZ Chris Cowling finished up in second, and Sam Waddell (18M) in third.

Mark Osborne (16R) said after the race that he didn’t realise he was in a demolition derby, a comment sparked by how rough it was out there the whole night — the entire right hand side of his car gone.

Gary Edwards (6M) was wedged up Steven Flynn’s (5B) rear end good and proper, it must have taken a good 10 minutes to pry them apart.

Having placed second in heat two, Thomas Korff (16K) show us just how banked the track is! Cars have to return to the pits on an angle as they’re unable to drive straight up it.

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