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Legal street-racing! Eze Wash Naki Street Drags

24 February 2019



Come Sunday, 10 March, Taranaki’s Connett road will be lit up heavy courtesy of the 2019 Eze Wash Naki Street Drags! Running a ⅛-mile format, the 2017 incarnation was a big hit, and organizers Gunners Inc are at it again with the same winning formula. Formed in 2016 to do “good in the hood”, Gunners Inc are staging the event as a charitable fundraiser for local kids with disabilities service Conductive Education* — raising a total of $12,000 from the last event!

Street-legal racers can enter under NZHRA rules, and club racers under MSNZ sanctioning. The day will come to a tyre-frying end with a burnout comp for all street legal cars, while there will also be a number of demonstration runs, and of course, good food and refreshments! Organizers have stipulated there is to be no animals present and strictly no alcohol consumed. For all the finer details, visit

*Conductive Education is a unique fusion of special education and physical intervention that empowers whanau and gives kids with motor disabilities the chance to reach their full potential. The Taranaki service receives no government funding support and relies solely on community goodwill and generosity to provide its service.