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Could this be New Zealand’s best Camaro? Introducing NASTY9

28 October 2018



Some may say that beauty is only skin deep, but, on this wicked ’69, it goes a whole lot further — a sneak peak at the NZV8 163 cover car

There are few people that can claim that from top to bottom that a car is perfect, an exact image of how the had pictured it in there head. But for Llew Picton, that’s what his ‘69 Camaro HAD to be — P-E-R-F-E-C-T perfect — not 99.9-per-cent perfect, but 100 per cent. It was this challenge of building a complete custom car —something that included all the qualities of a real-deal pro-touring set-up, was old school but built to out-handle almost anything else on the road, not to mention able to turn heads locally and on screens around the globe — that saw him put aside his 2014 example and pursue what can arguably called New Zealand’s best Camaro …

Flared, tucked, blown, and shaped to perfection, it boasts no less than 427ci madness that’s good for 990hp at the fly and looks every bit amazing, inside and out, as Llew expected from it thanks to a very serious amount of hands involved.

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