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Have you got your hands on NZV8 Issue No. 142 yet?

2 March 2017

From the Ed

While it seems an age since the last issue of NZV8 rolled off the printers, we’ve not been sitting idle! We’ve been getting out and about to as many events as we can, not to mention spending time in the shed on our own projects, too.

A few events that we’ve attended recently did get us thinking about what’s cool, or, more accurately, what makes things cool? Like everything, there are fashion trends that come and go in the car scene. Jacked up rears and Modgies used to be the go, just like bell-bottom pants and floral shirts … but are they now? Sure they are, if retro is the style you’re going for, but not if you’re intending on being groundbreaking, or at the forefront of what’s going on.

While we’re all for retro cool, we’re also surprised to see a number of new cars debuted recently that are unintentionally retro … cars that fall into that no man’s land where they would have been cool a few years ago, but not long enough ago to make them cool once more.

Luckily we know that since you’re a V8 reader, you’ll know what’s hot and what’s not, and you’ll find a bunch of hot stuff in our new issue.  

What’s in the mag?

If you love tough cars, you’ll love Issue No. 142. Gracing the cover is serial-cover-car-builder Warren Black’s ‘sedate family car’ — a 527ci big block–powered show-quality HQ Sedan. Speaking of big motors, we’ve also got Shea Peterson’s big block Cuda, and the quickest street rod in the land, Kerry Stewart’s eight-second Bucket. Despite the Bucket having a crazy power-to-weight ratio, it’s still not as crazy as Robbie Ward’s twin-turbo small block motorbike, which is also in this issue. If you prefer things a touch more sedate, we’ve also got a Cobra with a twist, and a very cool ’37 Ford Coupe. On the event front we’ve got coverage from Street Machine Summernats, Cromwell Classic Car and Hot Rod Show, Cruise Martinborough, and Enzed Central Muscle Cars round four.

Get a sneak peek at the pages of NZV8 Issue No. 142 here: