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Enthusiast Essentials: all your must-haves from NZ Performance Car and NZV8

2 November 2017



With such a huge range of cars found in our motoring titles — be it NZV8 or NZ Performance Car — it’s pretty damn hard to chuck together an ultimate shopping basket to cover all basis. So whether you’re into imports or V8s, and anything else combustion powered for that matter, here’s a few editor’s selects of products that have graced the pages over the last couple of months — there’s sure to be something that every car enthusiast will want to add to their collection.

Protect ya head

Your noggin is pretty damn important, so protecting it properly should be pretty high on the priority list. The ROUX R-1CF Carbon Fiber helmet is SNELL 2015 and FIA 8859 rated — it includes an integrated water drink tube with quick disconnect, complete radio gear with noise cancelling microphone and speaker pods, COOL-X integrated water cooling system, HANS anchors, and RELEASE emergency helmet removal system. It also comes with a dark smoke shield, extra shield hardware and three different size cheek pads for custom fitting. 

Each helmet is custom built to suit your needs and price ranges from $599 to $1999 — get more information at

Forged by the gods

Don’t settle for the ordinary — the Billet Specialties Extreme Dish wheels offer an aggressive aesthetic like no other. Precision machined from a six-inch, 52kg block of forged alloy, they offer maximum stagger and style. Rods by Reid is an authorized New Zealand dealer for Billet Specialties, and is able to offer not only the Extreme Dish wheels but also all the brand’s other wheels, parts and accessories. 

Price varies to order requirements — contact the team at Rods by Reid for an estimate:, or 07 552 5977.

Vital input

Ain’t no one spending 10 minutes searching for the vitals when they are out lurking the streets — so the AiM MXS Strada dash shows you the data you want, the way you want it. Featuring a five-inch TFT display, the MXS Strada is designed to be connected to any of over 1000 different  ECUs, including the Link ECU range. Any data gathered by the ECU can be displayed, without connecting additional sensors, while four extra analogue input channels can display a wide range of vitals.

It’s priced at $1610, you can get your hands on a AiM MXS Strada dash at

The good stuff

Whether it’s driven on the road, or out on the track, the Gulf Western Comp-R range is developed to protect your high-output engine. The range is compatible with all types of pump petrol, and can be used with common racing fuels including Avgas, Nitromethane and methanol. You can rest easy knowing that enhanced levels of zinc and moly containing anti-wear additives will give you top-tier protection no matter what viscosity grade you go for — and no matter whether you drive a screaming four-banger, or a top-fuel dragster.

For further information, contact Automotive Supplies, 0800 275 888, Extreme Automotive Parts Distributors, 0800 498 7363, or Autostop on 0800 288 678.

Stroke her

While import owners may scoff at the ol’ “there’s no replacement for displacement” saying, you have to admit that stroked RBs are leading the future for big power. 
Spool offers the world’s largest-capacity off-the-shelf stroker kit for the RB30, and its RB34 package boasts up to 70 per cent more torque, with earlier turbo spool-up, huge increases in power throughout the range, and higher peak power. The kit contains a forged billet full-counterweight nitrided 94mm-stroke crankshaft, I-beam rods with ARP bolts, and custom CP pistons with upgraded 9310 tool steel pins and CP’s extreme turbo forging.

For further information and to purchase, head to spool

Rev your heart out

Belt slippage? If it’s your pants you’re talking about, we can’t help you, but if it’s your engine, a Gilmer Drive Kit could be the answer. Belt slippage can occur when torque exceeds friction, so high-revving engines often have this issue. This can be solved by swapping out your standard belt for a Gilmer Drive Kit. They’re designed to work with factory OE-style alternator brackets, and the kits include a billet-aluminium crank pulley, water pump pulley, alternator pulley, and belt. A bonus of these kits is that they will also make your engine look and sound awesome.

Gilmer Drive kits are available now from Eastern Automotive Performance Centre. Get in touch with Paul Manuell on 09 274 2941 for information on pricing and ordering.

Killer shine

Have you waxed, buffed, and polished a mirror-smooth finish out of your car’s paint this season? Then don’t forget the finishing touch by giving the tyres a bit of love, too. Meguiar’s has got you covered with its Hot Shine Reflect Tire Shine, which gives tyres a deep black, wet look in direct sunlight. At night, your tyres will reflect light for a unique visual effect, thanks to the formula’s advanced reflective technology. 

For further information, check out, or contact the team at Smits Group on 0800 227 422.

Stay slick

With drag season fast approaching, you’re going to need to get your hands on some fresh rubber. Segedins Auto Spares has a fresh shipment of Mickey Thompson drag tyres waiting to go. The range includes race-proven ET Drag full slick to ET Street S/S street tyres that can be driven on the track. ET Street R and ET Street S/S are DOT approved, and are available in bias-ply and radial options.

Price varies depending on size and style requirements. Contact the team at Segedins Auto Spares on 09 638 6439 for an accurate quote.