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Chip off the old block: Chip Foose to build 1935-designed Cadillac

9 August 2016

When you hear Chip Foose’s name attached to a project, you take notice, and for good reason. Chip, of Foose Designs, is one of those blokes who are constantly pushing the custom -vehicle-building boundaries, trying new things, and innovating in ways you never thought possible. Just recently, Chip, on behalf of Foose Designs, announced that he and his team will be building a 1939 Cadillac. What’s different about this build is that the actual design that he’s basing his build from is a prototype drawing from 1935 — yes, an 81-year-old vehicle prototype. 

The original drawing was produced back in 1935 for a vehicle salesman, named Wes Rydell, and his wife Vivian, and it was a custom Cadillac. The drawing was produced by GM Designer Art Ross. The talented ’30s designer saw into the hot-rodding future, as he shortened the Cadillac, lowered it, and gave it a removable hardtop roof. 

The project, dubbed ‘Madam X’, will be completed by Chip and his team using a 1939 Cadillac Series 60 sedan, and it is said to be complete at the end of America’s summer season. We’re told that the drawing Chip has designed is similar to the original, but with his own personal touches. We can’t wait to see it completed! Take a look at the build progress in the gallery below. 

Images: Foose Design, Inc.