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Get your hands on the October issue of NZV8

22 September 2016

The latest and greatest issue of NZV8 (October 2016, Issue No. 137) is hot off the press and you can find it on shelves throughout the country now! Here’s a little teaser of what you can expect:

Todd Hall’s got a nine-second-capable Mustang street car, so when he set out to build a bit more sedate cruiser, he could have easily fallen into the trap of building something boring. Except he’s not that sort of guy. Instead he’s built one of the best-looking streeters around and packed it full of equally as good parts and performance to match.

You may not know the name John D’Agostino, but once you’ve checked out our full interview with him, you’ll be blown away. He’s built more than 100 kustoms in his time, and won well over 1000 world-class awards with them. Better still, he’s worked out how to earn a living from showing them around the globe.

When high-end race car builder Wayne ‘Jacko’ Anderson set out to build a car for himself, there was never any question that it would be anything but immaculate. 

If we’d featured Dale Williams’s awesome LS-powered VK Commodore back before we published our ‘Top 10 engine bays’ article recently, the car would have been a shoo-in for the list. The VK has all the right ingredients, like Formula Blue paint, Simmons wheels, and a VK SS bodykit, but there’s a special surprise once you open the hood.

Following in the footsteps of similar-styled events across the Tasman, Azhar Bhamji and his team have taken local events to an all-new level with the Mothers Chrome Expression Session. Regardless of whether you’re into bridge-ported rotaries or traditional muscle cars, Chrome had something for you.

Find all this and plenty more in the October 2016 issue of NZV8 (Issue No. 137). Can’t be bothered going to your local? Grab a copy of the mag now: