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Weekly Motor Fix: intercontinental love child

8 June 2016

Down in this part of the globe, V8 Supercars is one of the biggest and most popular forms of motorsport. Almost every month there’s a round on somewhere, with fans showing up in the thousands, and even more people watching on TV.

That enthusiasm for the class hasn’t, as yet, really secured a spot in the American market, but one Las Vegas resident is doing his best to change that.

Mike Passarge’s vehicle of choice is a 2008 Pontiac G8/GT, which, to those in the southern hemisphere, is akin to a VE SS Commodore with a facelift.

Reportedly being the only authorized vehicle in America to fly the Holden Racing Team livery, Mike has gone all out in an attempt to convert the Pontiac to a road-going V8 Supercar replica.

As well as the graphics scheme, Mike has ensured that the car sounds the part by adding an XForce exhaust system with long tube headers, high-flow cats, three-inch piping, and Varex mufflers. It’s a system that’s the first of its kind in the country, with the car used as the system’s research and development (R&D) car. Added performance also comes care of a DuSpeed over-the-radiator intake and Superchips tune. 

Ironically, the car was also used as an R&D mule for the DBA braking set-up — a set-up that now includes six-pot front calipers, four-pot rears, and DBA rotors all round. While in reality the car is still just a street cruiser, as opposed to a full-on race machine, he’s also added a few race-inspired touches to the vehicle’s interior. Most notable are the iDrift harness bar and seats, although when you look in the boot, you’ll find where plenty more effort has gone in.

Sure, V8 Supercars don’t have audio systems, especially ones that look this good, but the twin-amplifier, twin-battery system installed by LV Audio & Customs in Las Vegas ensure the car thumps. And before you ask where the bass is coming from … inside that mock fuel cell is where the subwoofer lives. 

To get the look just right, Mike dropped the car down over a set of 20×9-inch Fondmetal 9XR wheels by using BC Racing adjustable coilovers. Ensuring it’s a good mix of both looks and function, a SuperPro roll-control package, adjustable A arms, upgraded sway bar, and poly bushings have also been fitted.

As you can imagine, the car gets plenty of attention wherever it goes, both by those who understand what it’s all about, and by those who don’t. But regardless of that understanding, it’s a great package in its own right, with a perfect mix of looks, performance, and point of difference that makes it stand out from the pack, on this side of the globe, or the other. 

Mike would like to add a big thanks to Spec-D Tuning for the aftermarket headlights,
Wrap Factory LV for the vinyl wrap, Carbon Creations for the GT wing, Amsoil for the lubricants, for the custom interior parts, H3R Performance for the custom fire extinguisher and mount, Quik-Latch, Eagle One Car Care, and Spider Energy Drink.