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Concept Corner: one for the lads

16 June 2016


What would you do when you’re sorted for a race car, weekend car, and daily driver? If you’re Andrew Sinclair, it’d be to build a wild cruiser to enjoy with your mates!

Andrew Sinclair’s got a race car in which he competes in the Central Muscle Cars series, and his Superbird — our latest issue’s cover car — is just about the coolest street driver imaginable. It’s hard to improve on perfection, so we were wondering how wild Andrew’s concept would have to be to qualify for entry to his garage. Well, here it is — a long-haul cruiser to load up with mates and brews. 

“I’d start with a Ford Falcon XC wagon,” Andrew begins — which makes sense since he’s got the GM race car and Mopar cruiser — although the Falcon wouldn’t be staying stock for long. 

“I would chop the roof off from behind the C-pillar, keeping the middle row of seats, and effectively turn it into a king-cab ute. All the exterior bits would be smoothed and shaved, including the bumpers, and it’d need to have a sexy, hydraulically-actuated lid covering the tray! I’d finish it off in a metallic teal-coloured paint.

“It would also have to be lowered, without being too radical, and for wheels, I’d probably go for something like some 18-inch Simmons FRs.”

You may note that Andrew hasn’t actually made any mention of a power plant as yet, but don’t worry — he wouldn’t be messing around with it!

“I’d fit the biggest-cube Ford engine that is currently available, with a Procharger for good measure. It’d also have an auto trans with a nine-inch diff, and should be all ready to put the lads in, fill the tray with beer and ice, and cruise off to your local motorsport event!” 

Sure sounds like a neat idea to us, but what do you reckon? Let us know what you think of it, or what you would do differently. 

This concept featured in NZV8 Issue No. 134. You can pick up a print copy or a digital copy of the magazine below: