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Repco Beach Hop 16 day three: Tairua

6 April 2016

One of the most laid-back days of Repco Beach Hop 16 is the Repco Tairua Beach Party — this year held on March 31. If you weren’t working flat-stick trying to capture it all, like we were, it provided a grand opportunity to park up and enjoy a cold one, or wander the selection of fine machinery parked along the beautiful waterfront. 

In addition to the beachside priority parking, the local field was a designated ‘overflow’ zone with many beautiful examples on display to admire. Of course, being a small coastal town, space in Tairua is at a premium, and it is always worthwhile to wander to town — you never know what gems you’re going to find parked in the most unsuspecting of side streets. 

With a festival like Beach Hop, it’s always hard to pick a favourite day, but if we were really pressed, Tairua would certainly be around the top of the list. While the weather was a bit of a downer, you forget the rain after a while — we all go to Beach Hop to have a good time, and while you can’t change the weather, what you make of the day is in your hands! 

We’ll have full coverage in our NZV8 Beach Hop Annual 2016, which will be out in mid May — or you can pre-order a copy here