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Cool stuff: grab NZV8 Issue No. 132

2 May 2016

It’s that time of the month again — another issue of NZV8 hitting the shelves, which means another post online about why you should buy this magazine.

Well, there’s Aaron Beck’s ‘KUDA’ for starters. If you’re anything like us and trawl the internet for cool shit during work hours, you’ll probably have seen this thing pop up somewhere before. Want to find out more about this totally nuts, 100-per-cent owner-built monster? We’ve got the full story inside.

How about Josh Dalton’s beautifully resto-modded ’67 Chevy II Nova? We’re not going to tell you the extent to which it’s been modified beneath the beautiful, original-looking exterior, but you know what to do if you’d like to find out.

The same applies for Raj Patel’s extreme Ford Falcon XW — want to follow Raj’s path to blown 545ci glory? Grab the latest issue of NZV8.

The antithesis to Raj’s Blue Oval beast comes in the form of Sam Longley’s subtle Holden Commodore VK — packing a supercharged punch contained entirely beneath the bonnet, this is one tyre-destroyer you don’t want to mess with.

The sixth-generation Mustang hasn’t been available in New Zealand for very long, but this is New Zealand — of course there’s going to be a bagged and blown example somewhere, and we take a look inside the very first one to scrape sills locally.

And if old school is more your sort of thing, you’ll be hard-pressed to go past the beautiful ’32 Ford tudor owned by Peter and Kaye Holwerda. Despite being a lifelong hot rod fanatic, Pete says he only recently got a hot rod of his own, and you’re looking at it right here — for the full story, grab the latest issue of NZV8.

Likewise, if you’d like to find out more about the incredible collection of vehicles and memorabilia that Ian Lind has in his dream of a shed.

We’ve also got the action from the recent 2016 IHRA Nationals at Meremere Dragway …

As well as the tyre-destroying skidfest that is the Whanganui Street Drags …

And the southern extravaganza that is the Hanmer Springs Motorfest.

On top of all that is the usual tech, special features, and columns that we cram into every issue of NZV8. In fact, why are you still here reading this?! Get outside and go buy a copy from the dairy round the corner. Or you could just click the ‘Buy Now’ button below if you’re feeling lazy.