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Waikato Autofest: layin’ low in the Waikato

18 February 2016


Waikato Autofest, held on February 13 at Mystery Creek Events Centre, was a success — and we’ve got the photos to prove it!

Over the weekend, we made the trip down to Hamilton to check out Waikato Autofest. A first-time event for Downtime Entertainment, but a hugely successful one in terms of spectator and competitor numbers. The sun was blazing hot throughout the day, which kept the brave at the skidpan, and the burnt indoors at the show and shine. 

The show was extremely car-club–friendly, and as such, the show hall boasted a huge — and very diverse — selection of vehicles of nearly all conceivable makes, models, and styles. 

We took a particular interest in some of the low-lying rides in attendance, and rather than waxing lyrical over huge crowds or beautifully presented cars, we’ll let the photos do the talking.