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Build gallery: Steve Walker’s ’67 Mustang fastback

28 October 2016

Steve Walker’s ’67 Mustang is one tough machine, but it wasn’t always this way. When he got it, the car was powered by an asthmatic 289ci V8, auto trans, and eight-inch diff. On top of that, it had taken a decent hit to the rear at some stage in its life, requiring a bit of straightening out. 

The tail-light panel, inner boot floor panels, and inner guard panels were replaced with fresh steel, and that was supposed to be the extent of the repair work. 

“The initial plan was just to repair the rear end and give it a coat of matt black,” Steve says. “But once we got into the rear end, we thought, Bugger it, let’s just strip and blast the whole car!” 

Next minute, he ended up with a beautifully presented Eleanor-kitted weapon, powered by a staunch 427ci Clevor — a Windsor block with Cleveland heads — backed by a four-speed Toploader and nine-inch diff. 

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Build photos supplied by Steve Walker

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