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Teretonga truck carnage

26 January 2016

Truck racing is always great to watch, unless, of course, it’s on a public road and you’re stuck behind them while they take up both lanes.

At Teretonga over the weekend of January 23–24, we were all reminded why not all race tracks are so keen on having trucks compete, after a massive accident took place causing serious damage to the facility.

Pukekohe’s Dave West was the driver involved in the racing incident, which saw his Freightliner go head-to-head with the front straight’s safety barrier, rolling in the process.

Thankfully, despite a trip to the hospital to be checked over, West was released later that day.

The repairs to the track took almost three hours, which forced the cancellation of the second truck race of the day.

Here’s hoping West’s machine is repairable, and he’s back out on the track again shortly.