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Eco-friendly: APR’s latest GT300 hybrid weapon

25 January 2016

When you think of the word ‘eco’ — or when somebody mentions a Prius — you certainly don’t think about the well-known Japanese race class of GT300 in the Super GT race series. At the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, held January 16–17, APR Racing and TRD released their latest weapon — a Toyota Prius. We’re not kidding either, and it’s much cooler than you think.

The Prius, which is designed by TRD, is a work of art and is equipped with a 3.4-litre RV8K V8 engine. This will be coupled with hybrid technology to produce a stonking amount of power and torque within the GT300 regulations.

At this stage details are a touch thin on the ground, but as they come to light, we’ll keep you informed.