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Weekend Warrior: Roman Konarski’s mighty BG5 Legacy

17 January 2016


We don’t only feature fully modified vehicles in NZ Performance Car magazine — the mildly modified daily drivers get a look in too! It doesn’t matter what it is — if you’re passionate about it, modify it, and drive it to work every day, we’ll showcase it.

Name: Roman Konarski
Location: Auckland
Occupation: Part sales

  • Make/model: 1997 Subaru Legacy GT-B (BG5)
  • Engine: Subaru EJ20, PBMS-spec closed-deck block, JE FSR forged pistons, Argo rods, modified oil gallery, 12mm high-flow oil pump, ARP head studs, ported V7 STi heads, Kelford Cams 272-degree and 268-degree cams, Kelford Cams springs, titanium retainers, front-facing plenum, front-mount intercooler, BorgWarner EFR7163 turbo, HKS SSQV BOV, Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, Walbro 500hp external fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel-pressure regulator, Aeroflow billet fuel rails, three-inch turbo-back exhaust, custom PBMS stainless up-pipe, custom PBMS stainless downpipe, Adrenalin R rear muffler, Link G4 Storm ECU, two-litre catch can, KnockLink G4
  • Drivetrain: Six-speed gearbox, heavy-duty clutch kit, R180 rear differential
  • Interior: V5 STi bucket seats, Prova 280kph gauge cluster
  • Exterior: Factory
  • Suspension: Tein coilovers, front and rear strut braces, aluminium control arms, Whiteline anti-lift kit, Whiteline sway bar links
  • Wheels/Tyres: 18×8-inch (+43) CST Hyper Zero-1, 215/35R18 Kumho KU31, 15mm spacers

NZ Performance Car: Hey Roman, that’s an angry Weekend Warrior you’ve got there. What made you choose a Subaru to modify? 

Roman: I wanted an all-wheel drive because they handle so well, and I’ve always like the Subaru rumble. 

Why a Legacy wagon?

I wanted to be different, going with an older-generation Legacy because there aren’t as many around that have been modified to this extent. Nobody expects it! 

What modifications did you start with on the Legacy before it turned into a wild engine build?

 It had already been converted to single turbo when I purchased it. It was putting out roughly 230kW with a TD06 turbo and a stock V7 motor. I got used to the power quickly, and that’s when all the modifications began. 

What was biggest hurdle with getting to 317kW (425hp) at the wheels with an EJ engine?

By far the biggest hurdle was the factory bottom end, and choosing the best turbo to match the set-up. 

What’s it like to drive now that the set-up is complete? 

The new set-up is perfect. Full boost — which is 26psi — comes on at around 4000rpm, and it holds it right to the redline. Also, it’s really drivable when I just want to cruise around. 

Thanks for chatting to us, Roman, we’ll see you around this summer. 

This article was originally published in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 228. You can pick up a print copy or a digital copy of the magazine below: